Have you always dreamed of writing a book? Do you have a draft already completed, but it needs a little more work before it's ready to be published? Are you not sure what the next step is or how to get a project ready for publication? I can help! In addition to being a YA author, I'm also an experienced editor and teacher who loves helping others craft just the right story. I offer a variety of editorial services, most of which take a hands-on approach to working with clients. Over the years, I've helped hundreds of writers and students move from the idea-stage all the way through to publication. So whether you're struggling with getting started or simply need another set of eyes to look at your completed manuscript, I'd love to chat with you to see if I can help you realize your dream.




A manuscript review is a great choice if you're looking to revise a completed, book-length project and want detailed notes from an experienced editor. My reviews include an extensive editorial letter, notes on your draft, and two-three phone calls/Skype sessions so that we can discuss your work in more depth. I’ve worked with everything from speculative fiction to memoir to YA/MG to self-help to historical fiction and more. Flat rates vary based on length of project.




For clients who are more in the idea-stage, or who want more hands-on editing help, then I offer developmental editing by the hour. I sometimes call this "Author Coaching," as I tend to help clients for extended periods of time, working not just on their individual projects but also on their writing itself. If you're looking for more general help with your writing, then this might be a good option! We can also discuss the possibility of a retainer rate, based on the project and the timeframe you're working within.




If your book is in great shape and you only need another set of eyes to look over your work for grammar or syntax issues, then I also offer copyediting services. I prefer to copyedit only full-length projects, but feel free to reach out to me and we can discuss various options.




Finding the right agent and crafting a successful query letter can sometimes be just as daunting as writing the book. I can walk you through the publication process, give you an overview of the market, help you find agents to query who would be a good fit for your project, and help you write and revise your query letter. Sometimes it can be nice to have support as you go through this process, and I can guide you through what to expect with each new stage.

hourly rate

Rachel works quickly and deftly. She gained an understanding of my novel and its characters immediately and pinpointed where they needed to grow, evolve, or disappear. I’d recommend her to anyone looking for another set of professional, well-trained eyes on a manuscript. I’m certainly very happy I booked her.
— Matthew Di Paoli, author of Killstanbul
Rachel Carter was referred to me by a fellow author who gave rave reviews. I have not been disappointed! Her work on my own writing has been transformational—helping me reconsider and rework pieces I was sure just needed a little proofread. The result? A clearer voice, more nuanced writing, and much stronger final drafts. I trust her counsel so much, I am now regularly referring my writing and publishing clients to her. They seem to agree—she is awesome!
— Jen Payne, Owner of Words by Jen/Three Chairs Publishing
I’ve been working with Rachel for more than a year on my first novel. She has provided some great insight on my characters and on story development, which has helped to propel me forward with confidence. She provides some much needed encouragement while giving me good and objective advice that I have found valuable in the effort to improve my writing. I would highly recommend her services.
I am currently writing my second book and Rachel and I have been working together for more than a year. My first drafts were, as first drafts are, a little rough. With each submission, Rachel and I discussed the goal of the chapter and I went back to re-write with her comments and guidance in my head. My writing improved immediately with Rachel’s help and my story has been enhanced by her guidance. Rachel’s style and personality make it easy for me to openly share as I feel she is a supportive ally and an enthusiastic cheerleader for my writing and cause. I highly recommend her as an editor, fellow writer and creator, teacher, and compassionate human who makes the hard work of writing more meaningful, powerful and purposeful.
— Laura Noe, author of Travels with My Son
Rachel Carter has been my editor for the past six years, helping me publish one book and collaborating with me on a second (my autobiography). She has helped design and manage my social media accounts (my website and blog), allowing me to introduce my collection of short stories and aphorisms to public view. At the same time she has been diligent in teaching me how to be competent in posting on social media on my own.

Rachel has been flexible in dealing with the ups and downs of my utilization of her services. Her fees are reasonable and her billings honest. She communicates with me on a regular basis by email, text and phone, in a timely manner. Best of all her editing supports what I want to say, nudging me toward my own truth.
— Stephen Zuckerman, MD, author of three published works
Rachel is editing my current cookbook; her personality and editing style works well for me. First she gives praise when the writing is good and points out where the writing is off target. She understands the development of narrative and keeps the client focused on the ideas that propel the story. She is strong in pointing out sections of the draft that should be omitted because the writing takes the reader off course. She gives suggestions for rewording and encourages the writer in her commentary. Importantly, she is attentive and responsive. Her email notes and word Doc comments are elaborate. When it comes to grammar, punctuation and sentence structure, she is fast and efficient. And she keeps to the schedule and timeline agreed upon. Her pricing is fair and honest. I enjoyed working with Rachel and will use her editing services on my next book project.
— Virginia Baltay, author of the forthcoming A Steamy Affair with a Pressure Cooker
Rachel was my copyeditor for my most recent book, and I hope she will consent to copyedit the next two books I have planned. She provided quick and professional turnaround in all aspects of our work together; she made the whole process really easy. I can wholeheartedly recommend her!
— Karen L. Rancourt, Ph.D., author of It’s All About Relationships! New Ways to Make Them Healthy and Fulfilling, at Home and at Work
Rachel is an amazing editor. Under her guidance, I’ve seen myself grow into a stronger writer. She genuinely cares about your work, is mindful of your goals, and wants to bring it to its full potential while steering you in the right direction. She taught me in what was one of the best writing classes I’ve ever taken, and her cheerful personality makes her a joy to talk to. I wouldn’t hesitate to count on her expertise once again and neither should you.
— Maina Chen, former student
Rachel was honestly one of the most constructive and helpful teachers I had at Champlain College. I took three classes with her, two of which were creative writing classes. She always provided detailed edits on my short stories and poems. They were thorough, and she made sure to explain the larger developmental edits when I wasn’t sure where to head with them. During workshops, it really felt like she cared about the pieces I brought to the table and wanted to see them grow. She was quick to pick up my writing style, and she really helped tailor her edits to what she knew I struggled with. I learned a lot from her in terms of writing, but also with receiving critique and giving my own edits. She truly cares not just about the work but about the writer as well.
— Erika Brown, former student
I had a great experience with Rachel as my editor. She objectively pointed out what wasn’t working in my manuscript and why, helping me find solutions to those problems. Together we came up with an effective revision plan that prioritized higher-level concerns. But Rachel’s focus wasn’t solely on what needed revision, she also identified my strengths so that I knew what to continue doing in the future. I would recommend her editing services to anyone!
— Gabriela Soares Hansen, former student