Author Photo by:  Joshua Simpson

Author Photo by: Joshua Simpson

Raised in rural Vermont, Rachel Carter grew up surrounded by trees and mountains. She is the author of three books published with HarperTeen, including This Strange and Familiar Place, Find Me Where the Water Ends, and So Close to You, which was nominated for a Teen Choice Book Award. She graduated from the University of Vermont with a degree in English and Women's Studies, and she currently holds an MFA in nonfiction creative writing from Columbia University. Her nonfiction writing has appeared in The New Republic, The Faster Times, Verbicide Magazine, and Booktrib.com, where she was a regular contributor for over three years.

In addition to writing YA novels, Rachel is an experienced teacher and editor. She taught undergraduate creative writing at Columbia University and Champlain College, and she currently teaches in the MFA writing program at Southern New Hampshire University. For over ten years she has worked as a freelance editor, helping fellow authors publish memoirs, YA novels, cookbooks, historical novels, and more. She currently lives in both Vermont and Brooklyn, splitting her time between the country and the city.