Polish, Pitch, & Publish at the Spruceton Inn August 11–13


Join me and author/editor Michelle Legro at the Spruceton Inn this summer for a three day workshop where we're talking all things pitching and publishing. We'll be offering critiques of your writing as well as lots of Catskills fun (think bonfires, s'mores, and plenty of shop talk). Here's the official description:

Polish Pitch & Publish at the Spruceton Inn.jpg


Rachel and Michelle will work with you to develop a piece of literary nonfiction for publication in a magazine or acceptance by a literary agent. As professional editors, they’ll provide feedback on your work, discussing craft elements such as structure, pacing, voice, tone, dialogue, and more. This three-day workshop includes a lecture on craft, a Q&A session, one-on-one crits, and lectures about the state of magazine and book publishing. Get inside tips on how to find an agent, how to talk to an editor, and how to write a query or pitch letter. Discuss current trends in digital media, as well as what you can expect during the editorial process. Find out what publications want, how to work with an editor or agent, and how to pitch yourself as the best person for the job.

Hope to see you there!

Christina Rumpf